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25/05/2022  •  Articles, Career centre

One Interview Trick you may be Missing!

Agency social work can involve attending numerous interviews at different workplaces. This process can be extremely competitive, and it is easy to get disheartened if things do not go to plan. Although sometimes you may just be pipped to the post by someone who is a better fit, there is one thing you can do to ensure you smash your next interview!

Take a moment

Before you let out that huge sigh of relief post-interview, take a few minutes immediately after to gather some thoughts about your performance. It is important to objectively reflect on the interview while the thoughts and experience are fresh in your mind.

Write it down

Make a physical copy of your thoughts, so you can refer back to them. After leaving the interview find a place to sit and write everything down. Consider asking yourself:

  • What questions was I asked?
  • What questions did I answer well?
  • What questions did I struggle to answer?
  • Did I present myself well?
  • What was my body language like?
  • Did I use examples?
  • Did I look presentable?
  • Did I smile and use eye contact well?
  • Was I speaking in a clear and calm way?
  • Was I well prepared or did I wing it?
  • Did I ask enough questions?

Provide clear, detailed and honest answers and look to rate your performance out of 10. Although it is important to identify weaknesses, remember to note down your strengths too as this will allow you to develop capable and strong answers for your next interview.

Sleep on it

The next day revisit your notes and see if anything has changed after some rest. By making a copy of your performance you can analyse how to improve for the next interview and boost your confidence by remembering your strengths!

Remember: practice makes perfect, and those who do not see their weaknesses do not progress!

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