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Social Work Survey 2014-2015 with Professor Eileen Munro

The 2014-2015 Social Work Survey was an annual survey by Liquid Personnel, the specialist social work recruitment consultancy.  The survey and results report were designed, written and produced by Liquid Personnel in partnership with Professor Eileen Munro of the London School of Economics.

We have been conducting detailed opinion polls of social work practitioners for several years, looking at their views, the challenges they face, and the forces which impact upon their daily work.  For 2014-2015, we collaborated with Professor Eileen Munro to develop a new survey, and collected the opinions of almost 1,600 UK social work practitioners.  This report sets out the key findings: 

Download the Social Work Survey 2014-2015 report

Published: 6th May 2015

About The Authors:

Professor Eileen Munro
Eileen Munro is Professor of Social Policy at the London School of Economics. She was a social worker for many years before taking up an academic career. She has studied philosophy, in particular the philosophy of science, and this has fuelled her interest in the reasoning skills needed in social work. Her current research interests include how best to combine intuitive and analytic reasoning in risk assessment and decision making in child protection, and the role of the wider organisational system in promoting or hindering good critical thinking. At the request of the Secretary of State for Education, she undertook a review of child protection in England and published the final report in April 2011, followed by a progress report in May 2012.

Liquid Personnel
Liquid Personnel are a specialist social work recruitment consultancy, and one of the UK’s leading suppliers of contract social work practitioners. Since 2010, Liquid have run the annual Social Work Survey initiative as a means of understanding, and raising awareness of, the opinions of the UK’s social work workforce and the challenges they face.

Further Information:

For more information about the survey, results report, or any of the findings you have read about here, please contact:

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