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12/07/2018  •  Articles

Top Tips for Preventing Burnout in the Workplace

Have you been finding yourself living for the weekend, feeling more exhausted than usual and generally lacking motivation? These could be signs of burnout in the workplace.

it’s important in any role, but particularly as a social worker, to tackle each day with a clear head. You want to give every client the attention they deserve, but when you’re feeling burnt out, this can prove difficult.

Here are 5 tips for preventing burnout in the workplace…

Work with a purpose: If at the end of the day you’re left thinking ‘what’s the point’, stop and remember why you became a social worker. Remember all the lives you’ve helped improve and smiles you’ve put back on faces. The work you carry out every day has the ability to change people’s lives for the better and it’s important you remember this. People may not always thank you for the work you do, but they definitely won’t ever forget it!

Identify your role: In any job, it’s easy to pick up tasks that aren’t in your job description. By identifying all the tasks that you should be doing, you can cut out or delegate those that aren’t. If you feel that your work load has become too much, know that it is ok to have a one-to-one with your manager to discuss this.

Give to others: As a social worker, this is something you do daily, without even thinking! But it’s a proven fact that helping others makes everyone feel good!

Time management: Before the end of each day, spend five minutes writing down, in order of priority, what you need to do the following day. This is something so simple that can make all the difference. It leaves you feeling less overwhelmed as your to-do list is written clearly  in front of you and not just stored in your head.

Exercise more: Vigorous exercise might not be everyone’s cup of tea but it’s amazing what a half an hour walk in your lunch hour, or after work, can do to clear your mind.

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