Frequently Asked Questions

Registration and compliance

How long does it take to register and become compliant?

It takes minutes to register on our website or via the phone with a member of our team. 
We ensure the compliance process is as easy as possible. However, the speed of this depends on how quickly you can collate the required information. If you have everything to hand, your compliance can be completed within 24 hours. 
With a dedicated compliance team, we review and upload documents the same day we receive them to get you ready for work as quickly as possible. 
This process is required to safeguard you, the service users and the service in which you are working. As we supply to local authorities, private sector organisations, charities and some NHS trusts across the UK, Liquid abides by all framework regulations to ensure you’re fully protected while working with us. 

Work opportunities

What type of opportunities do you offer?

At Liquid, we have a range of dedicated teams to ensure you find a role that suits your skills, experience and individual requirements.
We provide:

  • Temporary opportunities
  • Fixed-term contract opportunities
  • Permanent opportunities

We also work exclusively with clients across the country to give you access to jobs before anyone else. If you’d like to hear more about the work opportunities we have contact us directly on 0345 241 9590 or click here to view our latest jobs.

Benefits we offer are:
  • Competitive rates of pay
  • Exclusive opportunities, only available through Liquid
  • First-class support and advice from a dedicated team that specialises in your area of expertise
  • Streamlined registration and compliance process
  • Access to high-quality training
  • Earn up to £300 for every qualifying referral!
  • Twice weekly payroll with a range of payment options; PAYE, PSC (Personal Service Company)/ LTD (Limited Company) and approved umbrella companies
  • Assistance arranging travel and finding accommodation (if applicable)
  • Remote working opportunities
  • Flexible hours to suit you; we offer everything from ad-hoc placements through to full-time work
What are the benefits of temporary vs permanent work?

Benefits of temporary work:

  • Access to a wide range of opportunities across England and Wales
  • Dedicated recruitment consultant who will work to secure you the perfect role(s)
  • Access to benefits including sick pay, maternity/paternity leave and a pension (PAYE Workers)
  • Flexibility on working hours, working locations, length of contract and type of work available
  • Twice weekly payroll allowing for fast and flexible payments
  • Excellent rates of pay
  • Gain experience across different specialities

Benefits of permanent work:

  • Career progression
  • Employee benefits
  • Annual leave
  • Pension scheme
  • Relocation packages
  • Visa sponsorships
  • Training and development opportunities
What is the average length of a temporary contract?

On average, our temporary contracts run for nine months. However, this can vary from client to client and will include shorter term contracts, as well as long term cover for maternity, sick leave and vacant hard-to-fill positions. Whatever your availability and career aspirations, we’re committed to finding something that’s just right for you. Register with us today.

Payroll and timesheets

How will I be paid?

When working with Liquid, you can choose to be paid via one of the following options: 

Pay as You Earn (PAYE) – This is a direct payment from Liquid. We deduct tax and National Insurance (NI) at source and provide you with payslips and your P60/P45 as required. 

Umbrella Company – An umbrella company is a third party who you engage to manage your payments (fees may apply). To help you select the best option for you, we have a list of pre-approved umbrella companies who are all FCSA accredited. Your consultant will be able to share this list with you. Liquid will pay the umbrella company your fees pre-tax, and your umbrella company will do all tax deductions required. All queries regarding your payslips or rate changes should be made to your umbrella company in the first instance.   

Limited Company (Personal Services Company – PSC) – If you have your own limited company business account, you can opt for payment to be sent to it. You would be required to submit your own tax returns. 

If you’d like to change your payment method, we require one week’s notice to be able to make the changes in time for your payments the following week. 

What do I need to provide in order to be paid?

Your consultant will require email confirmation if you would like to be paid via PAYE, umbrella company or limited company. In addition, depending on which of these options you choose, your consultant will also require one of the following; 

PAYE – Completed HMRC checklist which contains a section for the completion of your personal bank account details. 

Umbrella Company – Email confirmation to be sent to your consultant stating which umbrella company you wish to be paid by. 

Limited Company (PSC) – Proof of your business bank account showing business name, sort code and account number, and a completed self-billing agreement. 

How do I submit my timesheet?

How you submit your timesheet differs depending on which client you’re working with.  

Client portal – If your placement is via a Vendor Managed System (VMS), you will receive login credentials for the platform the client has opted to use such as Matrix, Reed or Adecco. 

Liquid’s online portal – If your placement is with the client directly, Liquid will email login details to you and your manager to access our own online portal. Once you’ve created a password you can gain access and select the placement you wish to submit hours for. Your manager will receive a notification of your submitted timesheet and will be required to approve it for payment on the portal. 

Paper timesheet – If the client wishes to avoid online portals and uses paper timesheets, your consultant will provide a blank paper timesheet which you can save and complete each week. Once completed by yourself and your timesheet authoriser, return to prior to the approval deadlines. 

When will I be paid?

Wages are paid a week in arrears of your placement starting. Liquid offers bi-weekly payrolls, processing timesheets every Wednesday and Friday. Therefore, if your timesheet is not approved in time for the Wednesday payroll, you have a second opportunity to be paid within the same week.  

All payments are sent via same-day transfer, meaning if you are paid directly by Liquid via PAYE or Limited Company, you will receive payment on the same day your timesheet is processed (Wednesday or Friday). If you opt to be paid via an umbrella your payment date will be set by the umbrella company. 

When are timesheet approval deadlines?

Timesheets approved by Tuesday 4pm will be processed on Wednesday. 

Timesheets approved by Thursday 5pm will be processed on Friday. 

Timesheets need to be approved by our clients before we can make payment to you. Unfortunately, delays to approvals by the client may cause delays to your pay. Unfortunately, this is out of our control. 

My tax code is wrong

Paid via PAYE?  Have you provided Liquid with your P45 (parts 2 & 3) from your previous employer? This will help us apply more accurate taxation to your wages. If you don’t have one, the New Starter Checklist you completed will give us a temporary tax code until HMRC send an electronic notification to Liquid as to which tax code should be applied moving forward (usually received one week after your first payment). 

Paid via an umbrella company?  Please contact your umbrella company to discuss your tax code and tax deductions. Liquid do not have visibility of your payslips or take-home pay. 

We also advise you create a personal tax account, through which you can track your earnings, tax codes and other elements in real time: 

How can I check my tax code?

Sign up for a personal tax account online. You will be able to view any changes to your tax code, claim refunds, check earnings from previous tax years and change your name or address: 

I’ve received 2 payslips where I’ve worked the same number of hours at the same rate, but my tax & National Insurance (NI) are different

Tax and NI are calculated according to the week-ending date, not when they are paid. Therefore, you pay the same amount of tax and NI whether you submit timesheets in the same payroll or different payrolls. 

The first timesheet paid will use your tax and NI allowances so there is no allowance on additional hours if worked in the same week. 

Why have pension contributions been deducted from my pay?

Employers are legally obliged to enrol all eligible PAYE workers into a workplace pension scheme. We postpone this for 12 weeks from the date you start work. In the interim, you will receive a new starter pack from The People’s Pension, who are our provider. 

Unfortunately, we cannot contribute into other pension schemes. If you already have a pension scheme set up and do not wish to have pension contributions deducted from your Liquid wages, please opt out within the ‘opt out’ window. 

How do I opt out of Liquid’s workplace pension scheme?

To opt out of the workplace pension scheme, please contact The People’s Pension directly. You can do this by telephone or via their website: 

We upload details of new starters to The People’s Pension portal each Thursday, so The People’s Pension will not be able to see your information until Friday at the earliest. 

Pension refund

In line with The People’s Pension policy, you will have one pension contribution deducted which will then be refunded to you if you opt out within the correct window (this is confirmed in your new starter email). If you fail to opt out in time, a refund cannot be processed. 

Recommend a friend

How does the recommend a friend scheme work?

If you know someone who would like to work for Liquid, all you need to do is:

  • Send us the details of your friend or colleague, and we’ll get in touch to find them work
  • Alternatively, pass on our details for them to contact us. Please make sure they mention your name when registering
  • Once they have worked a set number of hours you will be eligible to receive your referral bonus

Please contact us for full terms and further information

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