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Are you looking for educational psychologist jobs? As a market leader in the educational psychology sector, we are actively recruiting experienced and qualified educational psychologists to join us in our current and upcoming projects partnering with local authorities across the nation. Working with Liquid Personnel means more than just a job; it means gaining access to consistent, meaningful work opportunities tailored to your preferences and strengths.

Experience exceptional flexibility with Liquid Personnel, where you can customise your workload to suit your preferences. Whether you thrive on full-time commitments or prefer the flexibility of ad-hoc assignments, the choice is entirely yours. We prioritise your financial well-being with access to regular, ongoing work and competitive rates per assessment, ensuring we negotiate the best deal on your behalf. Enjoy the convenience of weekly pay, and all projects are compliantly outside IR35.

Additionally, you benefit from 100% remote working options that empower you to work from anywhere. Engage with a vibrant community of other educational psychologists for peer support and frequent CPD events, fostering continuous career growth. Our dedicated team goes beyond matching you with roles—we take the time to understand your unique report writing style and professional aspirations.

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What do educational psychologists do?

As an educational psychologist, you will:  

  • Help children and young people up to the age of 25 
  • Work with their families and schools 
  • Help children and young adults who struggle to learn or speak  
  • Help schools support students who have trouble with their feelings 

The settings you work in and needs you support can vary. Sometimes, you will work with one child, figuring out what they need and helping their school provide to meet their needs. Other times, you could work with groups of children that need similar support. Occasionally, you could also be with bigger groups, for example, to help a school make everyone feel included. 

What qualifications do you need to be an educational psychologist?

To become an educational psychologist in the UK, you need to complete a 3-year post-graduate programme which is British Psychological Society (BPS) accredited.  

Once completed, you will earn a doctorate in educational psychology and you’ll have to registered with the Health and Care Professionals Council to practice.

What types of employers could I work with?

In England and Wales, local authority children’s services are the primary employers of educational psychologists. In Scotland, those who are newly qualified typically find employment with the local authority’s educational psychology service or psychological service. Meanwhile, in Northern Ireland, educational psychologists are mainly hired by the Education Authority. 

Other employers include: 

  • Colleges 
  • Community environments 
  • Nurseries 
  • Private consultancies 
  • Schools (public and independent sector) 
  • Charities 

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