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Liquid Personnel support a diverse range of organisations throughout the UK, working with the vast majority of local authorities, as well as NHS Trusts, fostering agencies, charities, and other private sector organisations to bring you social work job opportunities at all levels.

As top-tier suppliers to most local authorities and approved NHS healthcare staffing framework suppliers, we work tirelessly to provide the widest range of roles to our social workers.

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Types of social worker

At Liquid, we have hundreds of jobs in social work across a variety of specific fields. The types of social workers we recruit include:

Child Protection Social Workers

Child protection social workers focus on ensuring the safety and well-being of children who may be at risk of abuse, neglect, or harm. They investigate reports of abuse, assess family situations, and develop plans to safeguard children and provide necessary support services.

Referral and Assessment Social Workers

Referral and assessment social workers review incoming cases to determine the appropriate level of support and intervention required. They gather information, assess needs, and make initial decisions about the services or resources needed by individuals and families.

Fostering Social Workers

Fostering social workers work with foster families and children in out-of-home care. They provide support to foster parents, ensure the welfare of fostered children, and facilitate the placement, stability, and development of children in the foster care system.

Healthcare and Hospital Social Workers

Healthcare and hospital social workers assist individuals and families coping with medical conditions, disabilities, or end-of-life care. They offer emotional support, connect patients with community resources, and help them understand complex healthcare systems.

Adult Safeguarding Social Workers

Adult safeguarding social workers specialize in protecting vulnerable adults, including the elderly and individuals with disabilities, from abuse, neglect, or exploitation. They investigate and address cases of mistreatment and provide support to affected individuals.

Criminal Justice Social Workers

Criminal justice social workers work within the criminal justice system, supporting individuals involved in the legal process. They may provide counselling, rehabilitation, and reintegration services to offenders, as well as support to crime victims and their families.

Care Act Assessment Social Workers

Care Act assessment social workers assess the needs of adults requiring care and support services. They work to ensure that individuals receive the appropriate care and assistance to maintain their independence and quality of life.

What does a social worker do?

Depending on the specific field of work, the roles and responsibilities of social workers can often vary daily. We’ve outlined below what each type of social worker may do:


Social workers undertake the crucial task of evaluating their clients’ requirements, strengths, and challenges. This process involves conducting interviews, making observations, and utilising various assessment tools to gain a comprehensive understanding of the individuals’ unique circumstances.

Counselling and therapeutic support

Social workers play a pivotal role in offering counselling and therapy services to individuals, families, and groups struggling with a wide range of emotional, psychological, and interpersonal issues. Their aim is to provide a supportive and guiding presence to improve mental well-being and overall functioning.

Client advocacy

Social workers are dedicated advocates for their clients, particularly those who are vulnerable or marginalized in society. They actively champion individuals’ rights and interests, tirelessly working to secure improved access to essential services, housing, healthcare, or educational opportunities.

Effective case management

Often serving as proficient case managers, social workers coordinate and oversee a variety of services and resources tailored to their clients’ needs. They craft comprehensive care plans, facilitate connections with suitable services, and ensure that the individuals’ requirements are met.

Child protection and well-being

Specialising in child welfare, social workers are committed to safeguarding children from abuse, neglect, or unsafe living conditions. They complete thorough investigations of reported child maltreatment, arrange secure placements in foster care where necessary, and actively pursue family reunification when feasible.

Educational support in schools

School social workers are integral in promoting students’ social and emotional development. They tackle issues such as bullying, absences, and academic difficulties, working closely with educators, parents, and school administrators to create a nurturing and productive learning environment.

Substance abuse and addiction recovery

Within the realm of substance abuse and addiction, social workers offer guidance and support to individuals and families striving to overcome these challenges. Their services include counselling, facilitating connections to treatment programs, and providing assistance throughout the recovery process.

Mental health services

Social workers that specialise in mental health are dedicated to assisting individuals dealing with mental health disorders. They provide therapeutic interventions, crisis management, and equip clients with coping mechanisms while ensuring they access suitable treatment options.

Swift crisis response

Social workers respond swiftly to crises, whether  they are natural disasters, domestic violence incidents, or community emergencies. They extend immediate support, mobilise essential resources and offer assistance to those affected during these critical moments.

Community well-being and development

Some social workers focus their efforts on community development, striving to enhance the overall welfare of communities. They actively address social issues, advocate for positive change, and create programs and resources that uplift and empower local residents.

Policy advocacy

Engaging in policy analysis and advocacy, social workers play a pivotal role in driving social change and addressing systemic challenges. Collaborating with policymakers, organisations, and community groups, they actively contribute to the development and implementation of policies designed to benefit vulnerable populations and promote social justice.

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