Lauren’s Story

Lauren is a Principal Recruitment Consultant for our Special Educational Needs (SEN) desk. She joined Liquid in November 2018 as a Trainee Recruitment Consultant in one of our social work teams. After earning two promotions in two years, Lauren has recently taken on an opportunity to explore a new market!


Lauren was one of our fastest growing Trainee Social Work Recruitment Consultants, earning two promotions in two years. She has recently established a brand new Special Educational Needs (SEN) desk as a Principal Consultant.

Liquid Academy

Lauren quickly realised that she excelled through practical learning, leading to her completing her assessments verbally, where she was able to fully explain and expand on her answers. She couldn’t recommend the training academy enough: “The skills you learn in training will stay with you for life and you’ll use them every day. The sessions are very interesting, and very relaxed!”


Lauren progressed to Senior Consultant after just a year in the business, before earning her second promotion to Principal Consultant in her second year! Following on from her success, Lauren was given the opportunity to explore and expand into a new Special Educational Needs market – becoming Liquid’s first Principal SEN Recruitment Consultant.

Lauren’s tip for success

“It takes more energy to get annoyed at something than it does letting it slide, so learn from your mistakes and make sure you don’t make the same one again. Attitude and positivity will get you further in life!”

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