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24/08/2023  •  Blog, Career centre

What is the role of an SEN teaching assistant in schools?

SEN teaching assistants help children with special educational needs and disabilities to reach their full potential. You’ll support teachers with engaging children in the curriculum, while also supporting pupils in developing their social and emotional skills.

An SEN teaching assistant works with children aged from five to 18 years, alongside education providers and other professionals who aid their development. You’ll provide individual and group support, becoming a trusted source of guidance for pupils with diverse personal and learning requirements. The job encompasses a wide range of responsibilities, aimed at creating an inclusive and supportive learning environment for all children.

In this article, we’ll explain more about some of the core SEN teaching assistant roles and responsibilities.

Supporting students’ academic development

An SEN teaching assistant will help individual pupils or a group of pupils with their learning. This can involve working with teachers to develop strategies for carrying out classroom work or giving assistance with homework and studies. Your priority will be ensuring that children are comfortable and happy with how learning is being delivered so that they can progress to the best of their abilities.

You might also support pupils during assessments or examinations, invigilating tests and ensuring that necessary accommodations are in place to enable them to demonstrate their abilities effectively.

Collaborating on learning plans

You’ll also work with teachers to create and implement learning plans for children that you support, which will outline any difficulties a child is having, what is being done to meet their needs and the outcomes set for the child. Together with your team, you’ll ensure that children are supported in their learning and development, and that any required adaptations and additional needs are met.

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Helping with social and emotional needs

Another vital element of the SEN teaching assistant role is nurturing the social and emotional capabilities of children. This can involve helping them to express and regulate their emotions, become confident playing and working with others, and supporting behavioural needs.

You’ll help to foster a nurturing and inclusive classroom environment where pupils feel valued and supported, so that their overall wellbeing is the best it can be, and they can enjoy positive relationships with others.

Assisting with behaviour management

As an SEN teaching assistant, you’ll also help teachers by monitoring and supporting with behaviour in various ways. This will include observing and analysing behaviour, providing positive praise and reinforcement, using clear and calm communication, instructions and language, and reporting any issues as appropriate.

Monitoring progress

Another of the key SEN teaching assistant responsibilities is maintaining records and monitoring progress. You might regularly assess and report on pupil progress, and feed this back to teachers and SEN coordinators. Your contributions will help with future planning, identifying specific skills and achievements, any particular challenges, and areas of improvement to focus on.

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