Functional skills tutor jobs 

Are you a functional skills tutor who wants to empower learners? Explore the career-advancing opportunities available with Liquid. As a functional skills tutor, you’ll play a pivotal role in training, assessing, and motivating students to support them in achieving their qualifications. 

Check out our latest functional skills tutor jobs below and delve into our FAQs to learn more about this fulfilling career path. 

What are the typical duties of a functional skills tutor? 

A functional skills tutor enjoys a multifaceted role assessing, teaching, and supporting learners in developing crucial functional skills, primarily in English, Maths, and ICT. This includes: 

  • Conducting comprehensive assessments to determine proficiency levels 
  • Crafting individual learning plans to address each learner’s specific needs and goals  
  • Preparing learners for functional skills assessments, ensuring they’re familiar with requirements and feel confident in their abilities 
  • Communicating with learners, employers, and stakeholders to provide updates on progress, addressing concerns, and fostering a collaborative learning environment 
  • Continuously monitoring learner progress, delivering constructive feedback to support the ongoing skills development of students 
  • Resource development and meticulous record-keeping  
  • Accommodating diverse backgrounds and abilities to effectively equip learners with practical skills for success 
What environments can I work in as a functional skills tutor?

You can expect to work in a variety of locations as a functional skills tutor. This can include schools, colleges, private homes or off-site locations like libraries. 

Some functional skills tutors also find roles within workplace learning. Here, you collaborate with employers to deliver on-site training and ensure employees possess the right functional skills for their roles. The digital landscape also presents opportunities for functional skills tutors to engage with learners through online education platforms.  

Tutors can contribute to prison education programmes, aiding inmates in improving their functional skills for a more promising future upon release. You can also find roles in specialist training centres where functional skills tutors tailor their curriculum to meet the unique skill requirements of specific industries or sectors.

What skills and qualities do Liquid look for in functional skills tutors? 

At Liquid, we find that employers often value functional skills tutors who can demonstrate a combination of educational qualifications, subject matter expertise, and teaching experience. 

Typically, they’ll hold a teaching qualification such as a PGCE or CertEd. The most desirable functional skills tutors also have a strong grasp of English, Maths, and ICT, aligning with the functional skills curriculum. 

Effective assessment skills, clear communication abilities, and adaptability to diverse learning styles are crucial. A commitment to continuous professional development, cultural competence, and qualities such as empathy and patience are also looked for, as they enhance your ability to create inclusive and positive learning environments.  

What are the benefits of working as a functional skills tutor? 

A career as a functional skills tutor offers a fulfilling professional journey. In the role, you’ll empower learners, witnessing tangible advancements and personal growth. This experience can provide you with a profound sense of purpose as you actively enhance learners’ employability by developing practical and personal skills.  

Many functional skills tutors report that working with different people in various teaching settings is often the most rewarding thing about their job. The varied role promotes personal growth, refined teaching skills, adaptability, and effective communication. 

Flexibility in working hours, part-time options, and remote teaching possibilities can contribute to functional skills tutors also enjoying a positive work-life balance. Many functional skills tutor jobs boast competitive compensation packages too that are reflective of your qualifications and experience.  

How do I get started with Liquid? 

Getting started with Liquid is easy. Begin by exploring the available functional skills tutor jobs listed above or registering your interest in discovering new opportunities. 

When you’re prepared to apply for a role, submit your updated CV, and our dedicated team will carefully review your application.  

If you register your interest with us, we’ll reach out to discover more about your background and preferences, ensuring we can seamlessly match you with suitable functional skills tutoring jobs in your area.  

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