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What is the difference between a TA and HLTA?

Teaching assistants (TAs) and higher level teaching assistants (HLTAs) have distinct roles within educational settings, with differences in their responsibilities, qualifications, and levels of autonomy. 

 Teaching assistants generally support classroom activities under the guidance of teachers. In contrast, higher level teaching assistants take on a more specialised role, often leading small group activities, covering lessons, and providing additional support in various capacities. 

HLTAs are usually required to have a higher level of qualification, often holding a Level 4 certificate or its equivalent. This can include a foundation degree, a higher national certificate (HNC), or a Certificate of Higher Education (CertHE) in a relevant field.

What are the roles and responsibilities of an HLTA?

HLTAs often provide support in the classroom, working closely with teachers to facilitate the learning process. You may be involved in: 

  • Lesson planning and preparation – you’ll help teachers create engaging and effective learning materials. You’ll also plan for lessons and learning activities that you then deliver to students 
  • Covering lessons in the teacher’s absence – this can include delivering pre-prepared lessons, managing the classroom, and sharing feedback with the teacher when they return 
  • Leading small group activities to reinforce learning – you’ll provide additional support to students who need extra assistance and also lead enrichment activities 
  • Assisting in the assessment process – this involves working collaboratively with teachers to monitor and record student performance. It can include marking assignments, providing feedback to students, and contributing to the overall evaluation of student progress 
What is a typical HLTA salary?

HLTA salaries can vary depending on factors such as location and experience. On average, HLTAs in the UK earn competitive salaries, often ranging from £20,000 to £30,000 per year.  

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What skills and qualities do you look for in HLTAs?

Good communication and collaboration skills

As you regularly interact with students, teachers, and parents, strong communication is essential. It’ll allow you to convey information clearly and build positive relationships within the school community. A team player mentality is also important, as you’ll need to work with teachers, other support staff, and sometimes external professionals to create a cohesive and supportive learning environment. 


Working with students of diverse backgrounds and abilities requires you to have a high level of empathy. As a HLTA, you’ll need to be able to understand individual learning needs and provide patient and compassionate support. You’ll play a vital role in promoting inclusivity in the classroom. This makes a commitment to fostering an environment where all students feel included and supported is essential.  


Working in education presents various challenges, and resilience is crucial for navigating them effectively. When you have a positive and resilient attitude, this contributes to a healthy and supportive learning environment for students and colleagues.  

Eager to learn and develop 

Operating with a mindset of continuous learning is a huge advantage. Staying informed about educational practices, strategies, and policies ensures that you can adapt to evolving requirements and provide the best possible support to students. 

What experience and qualifications do I need to be a HLTA?

HLTA job requirements can vary by region, school, or local education authority. However, most HLTA jobs require candidates to hold a Level 4 HLTA certificate or equivalent qualification. Depending on the role, additional training or courses in areas such as Special Educational Needs (SEN) or specific subject expertise may also be beneficial. 

Previous experience working in a school setting is typically also needed. An enhanced DBS check is often required, too. 

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