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As an SEN teaching assistant, you’re an essential part of a collaborative team dedicated to providing tailored support to students with special educational needs.

At Liquid, we offer a diverse range of exclusive temporary and permanent SEN teaching assistant positions throughout the UK, including placements in mainstream and special education settings.

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Specialised SEN teaching assistant support helps build inclusive learning environments that are crucial in helping students reach their full potential. Work with Liquid to find the right SEN teaching assistant job where you can make a difference every day.

How do I become an SEN teaching assistant with Liquid?

At Liquid, we require teaching assistants to have a minimum of a level two qualification, up to a level four HLTA qualification for higher level teaching assistants.

The specific requirements and job criteria can vary depending on your location and the organisation you want to work in. Relevant experience is essential for many employers. This can include volunteering experience or working in a classroom.

SEN teaching assistants who can demonstrate continued professional development by attending workshops or courses related to special education are also favoured by employers. This will help you stay updated with best practices and enhance your skills, showing you’re passionate about what you do. Employers can also be confident you have the right skills and qualities to support their students.

What duties will I typically take on as an SEN teaching assistant?

As an SEN teaching assistant, you’ll play a pivotal role in creating an inclusive classroom environment where students can feel safe and happy to learn. You will work closely with students with a wide range of learning disabilities and special needs, providing one-on-one support, helping with classroom activities, and assisting with students’ emotional and social development.

Your typical day might include providing personalised assistance during lessons and implementing strategies outlined in students’ Individualised Education Plans (IEPs). You can expect to collaborate closely with teachers, educational psychologists, and other professionals to ensure a well-coordinated approach to learning support. In addition to helping teachers manage students’ challenging behaviours, you’ll be responsible for creating or modifying learning resources and keeping records of their progress.

What do you look for in SEN teaching assistants?

To excel as an SEN teaching assistant, you need strong interpersonal skills. Being a good communicator who works well as part of a team will ensure you can give students the support they need.

As your students may also have a wide variety of educational requirements and have different learning styles and paces, adaptability is an important skill to possess so that you can address individual needs effectively.

Patience and resilience are paramount, as some situations may be challenging or emotionally draining. Acting empathetically and offering emotional support can also help to create a nurturing atmosphere where your students are able to excel regardless of their learning challenges.

Prospective employers value SEN teaching assistants who can demonstrate these skills and qualities through previous experience and qualifications.

What is a typical SEN teaching assistant’s salary?

The salary of an SEN teaching assistant can vary based on where a job is located, your experience, the type of institution or employer, whether you choose to work full or part-time, and the responsibilities you undertake. As with most roles, you can expect to earn more as you gain more experience, particularly if you have additional qualifications.

In the UK, the typical annual salary for SEN teaching assistants stands at £23,400, equivalent to an hourly rate of £12. If you’re pursuing an entry-level position, starting salaries will typically be around £21,450 annually, while seasoned professionals may earn as much as £33,749 per year.

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