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The ”Choose Liquid” Bonus…

  • The “Choose Liquid” bonus is a payment of £250 made to an individual who brings a job (that they have been offered) to Liquid Personnel and take the job through Liquid.
  • The bonus is paid after you have submitted in excess of 148 hours of client approved time.
  • This bonus cannot be offered if the contractor is currently working in the role which they are referring via another agency.
  • If the individual fails to complete the contractually agreed initial contract period, then Liquid Personnel reserves the right to reclaim the bonus in full.

Referral Bonus…

  • Referral bonuses are at the rate of £200 for referred candidates placed by Liquid Personnel in qualified social work positions or in health and social care management positions, and £125 for referred candidates placed in any other job type, such as nurses and social work assistants.
  • A bonus will be paid for the referral of a candidate to Liquid Personnel when the individual is not known to, or is not contactable by the company i.e. Liquid does not have a correct telephone number for the individual.
  • Referral bonuses are paid to the referrer after the referred worker has submitted in excess of 148 hours of client approved time (in the case of locum workers) or on the 13th week of employment (in the case of permanent workers).
  • If the referrer works for Liquid Personnel at point of bonus payment the referral bonus will be included in their pay. Referrers in this category who are PAYE status will have tax deducted at source by Liquid Personnel.
  • If the referrer does not work for Liquid Personnel we will send a template invoice for completion. Upon receipt of the completed and signed invoice, we will issue the referrer with a cheque for the bonus amount.
  • Candidates must be referred to Liquid in one of three ways in order for a bonus to be paid:
    • i. The referrer contacts Liquid Personnel by phone or email with the referred candidates name and contact number
    • ii. The referred candidate calls in, stating that they have been referred by a specific individual in the first call
    • iii. The referred candidate applies via the Liquid Personnel website, stating who they have been referred by in the “how did you find out about Liquid Personnel” box
  • “Refer a Vacancy” terms…

    • A bonus of £120 is paid to the referrer of a vacancy after a candidate placed by Liquid Personnel has submitted in excess of 148 hours of client approved time.
    • No bonuses will be paid for vacancies that Liquid Personnel is aware of prior to the point of referral
    • Liquid Personnel is unable to pay a bonus for referring a vacancy to anyone who has any level of hiring responsibility within the same organisation as the referred vacancy
    • Any tax liability arising from any bonus provided by Liquid Personnel would be the responsibility of the recipient.
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